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The Fifth Russian Internet Governance Forum took place on April 7, 2014, in Marriott Grand Hotel, in Moscow, Russia. The event is hosted by the Coordination Center for TLD RU/РФ and the Technical Center of Internet, and supported by ICANN and RAEC.

The global network is an entity beyond the governments and borders. This is why the multistakeholder model, where knowledge and experience of governments, businesses, experts and Internet community are used to solve arising problems, is one of the best options to ensure safe and secure Internet use. By taking all opinions and comments, even controversial ones, into account, it is possible to develop liberal, conscious and non-discriminating patterns for Internet governance.

The Forum is held annually, and will see its fifth opening in 2014. RIGF meetings aim to provide a meeting point for industry experts, business and government representatives. Members of State Duma, Russian officials and government representatives from other countries, as well as leading Internet community experts and others, will attend the event to discuss the most topical problems of today's Internet community.

Russian Internet Governance Forum is an event where all professional views can be brought to attention and discussed. We aim to find a consensus between government agencies, telecommunications industry, businesses and society, leading to successful results in Russia and worldwide. With many ideas expressed during previous events turning into hands-on projects for Russian and international organizations, this year's Forum is to become a starting point for many collaborations for all RIGF attendees.