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Izvestia - social, political and business daily newspaper. Оne of the oldest newspapers in Russia. Subjects of the newspaper - coverage of events in Russia and abroad, analytical comments, review of business and economics, cultural events, science and sports. In each edition are published exclusive reports, analysis and commentary of qualified journalists.Izvestia is a source of business and political news, and surely ranks the first place among the most cited publications in russian market.

Information agency REGNUM - federal news agency that distributes news from Russia and near abroad from own correspondents, subsidiary agencies and partners. Scope broadcasting of REGNUM today covers all regions of Russia and neighboring countries in Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus. REGNUM has several regional news agencies:  REGNUM- Baltica (St. Petersburg), REGNUM- Arkhangelsk news (Arkhangelsk), REGNUM- Belarus (Moscow-Minsk) and regional projects REGNUM-MurmanNews (Murmansk), REGNUM-MariNews (Yoshkar-Ola), REGNUM- Altai (Barnaul) and others.

TelecomDaily is an analytical agency that was founded in 2003 and is one of the most known and well- cited agencies both in business and mass media in Russia.

Begun is the largest advertising network in the Russian sector of the Internet. Any website with quality contents and Russian- speaking audience can join. It is the handiest and most profitable way to turn visit rates of your site into real money.

National weekly business magazine "Expert" published by a team of professional economists and journalists who have experience of scientific activities and research.
"Expert" magazine - the only Russian business weekly, deeply and professionally studied economics, Russian and international business, social and political processes, science and innovation.

ITAR-TASS – is the leading Russian state news agency and national news journalism legend. Over 110 years of the agency's employees corresponded millions of news messages from different places of the globe. ITAR-TASS produces more than 200 information products about political, economic, social, cultural and sporting life of the country and the world in 6 languages​​: Russian, English, French, German, Spanish and Arabic. Volume of daily information transmitted by the agency is equal 300 newspaper pages.

Interfax Information Services Group is the largest diversified information provider in the CIS, and a recognized leader on the Russian information market in the B2B segment.  We create professional products for the media, government bodies and policy makers; using state-of-the-art IT solutions, we help businesses with their operations on financial and product markets, risk management and external communications. -  is one of RIA Novosti`s online information resources, which provides information on the latest innovations in IT and telecommunications and on new legislative and business initiatives, and publishes surveys and commentaries along with multimedia content.
RIA Novosti  Group - Russia's leading multimedia holding, which includes today more than 40 websites in 22 languages​​. -  joint project of the Russian news channel "Russia-24", TV-program "Vesti", TV channel "Russia" and Directorate of websites VGTRK. The project is unique in the exclusivity of published materials of actual reports from VGTRK correspondents. Updating of the content is going in real time. Daily audience of is more than 750,000 members. According to TNS research, is one of the 15 most visited sites in the Russian internet. - online platform that meets the information needs of all Moscow residents and guests. Profound information on the city life in modern formats - news, videos, photo galleries and infographics. Various audience groups are represented on this resource, with all the necessary, useful and interesting information published for different categories of readers. The portal provides answers to any questions related to the life of the capital, the work and services of the city government and suggests how to spend your leasure time. Social component of the platorm provides feedback to the city residents.

CNews is the largest daily online publication on IT in Russia. CNews provides up-to-date information on hi- tech, telecommunications, hardware and software. CNews is based on the portal principle, covering apart from news analytical articles, market reviews, Internet poll results. Printed version has been publishing since 2004. Every day CNews provides approximately 100 news on Russian and international IT-markets. Average monthly attendance of the site is over 2 300 000 visitors.

ComNews is an independent group of companies with a history of leadership in the market of telecom, IT and broadcasting business information in Russia, CIS and emerging markets. The group was established in 1998 and today consists of five companies in Russia, rendering publishing, research, consultancy and eventing services. ComNews Group has over 70 full-time employees

IKS-MEDIA – information resource for business in Telecom, IT, Media in Russia and CIS.
«IKS» magazine and information portal IKSMEDIA.RU - effective sources of information for CIO, specialists of IT departments in large and medium- sized enterprises, as well as ICT industry specialists.
IKS-MEDIA provides industry news, analytics, M&A, surveys and market forecasts, technologies and services, top person’s news. is a leading independent IT online-edition counting 17 years of experience in the Russian market (founded in 1997). Our daily audience is about 190000 unique visitors, and amounts to 3 mln readers per month (~18 mln pageviews monthly). Our readership statistics is fully open at We publish 3 reviews and over 50 news on IT hardware and software every day - from servers to trendy gadgets, from modern games to mobile devices, smart electronics etc. Readers value our publications for their quality, and the vast range of covered topics.

Internet portal devoted to the market of information technologies and telecommunications. The main activity of the portal is a comprehensive coverage of the events and trends in the IT market in Moscow and Saint- Petersburg.

www.ict- - Daily online IT-news media for the readers of the Central region of Russia - Daily online IT-news media for the readers of the North-West region of Russia - Daily online IT-news media for the readers of the Privolzhje region of Russia

Telekomza - information project about communication and telecommunication in Russia. Telecomza provides latest industry news, analytics, reviews of equipment and telecom blogs. Also it contains сatalog of russian Internet providers. The main theme of the project is providing: the situation in the telecommunications market, equipment reviews and other materials for IT specialists, solutions to increase ARPU, marketing techniques etc. At the same time we keep tracking changes in legislation of telecommunications industry and publish articles about it with expert comments. - The first and one of the most visited industry web site, which was launched in 2008. The main focus is on the Russian and western data center market: the largest directory of Russian data centers, the latest industry news, current trends, tips and opinions of industry experts, themed events and photo reports from various data centers and more.

IT Expert is the first specialized agency that operates at the markets of IT and telecommunications. Every day, in real time mode the journalists of the agency release four news feeds in order to inform readers about the most important IT & telecommunications events in Ukraine and abroad, as well as prepare analytical articles, commentaries and interviews with participants and experts of the market. - everything about technologies and their implementation at the click of the mouse: computers and gadgets, using of high technologies in everyday life and useful information for those who need to solve technical problems. Here you can find articles about modern technologies and their application, information about technical innovations and their use in everyday life, IT companies news and world technological trends. - web portal for IT professionals. It focuses on economical, political and corporate issues in IT sphere. Every day on the portal you can find most important news about IT market, experts' opinions, analytical reviews and market trends. - it's the place for IT directors to exchange opinions and share experience.
Here you can read about important events and market trends in IT industry, IT news and news of CIO clubs, most remarkable IT projects in Russia and abroad as well as experience of the best CIOs and in-depth industry analysis.

The magazine «Mobile telecommunications» provides interesting, objective and useful information about the technologies for business in the field of Tele - and Infocommunications. Covers the development of equipment, technologies, information systems and Internet-services; reflects the significant events in the sphere of communications and broadcasting, analyzes the prospects of the development and convergence of communication systems.

ЦОДы.РФRussia's first printed trade magazine about data centers. Magazine covers not only a set of engineering systems and server solutions, but data centers on the whole: it guides readers through the functional facilities, brings foreign experience of data center construction to Russia, while delivering this information to consumer companies and data center designers. Our magazine contains useful recommendations, info on new types of equipment, infrastructure development and market analysis patterns, skill sharing in design, analysis of performance and more. - professional specialized electronic web site, which concentrate the interests of all industry participants from consumers to investors. The functional of the new resource incorporates the elements of the portal, the professional network and directory of data centers in Russia and worldwide. Service AllDC represents the knowledge base in all market segments of data centers: it provides information about both the vendors, distributors, integrators, suppliers and consumers of data center services, and their technologies and services. is Russian information source with a focus on domain name industry and market. Our target audience are registrars, website owners, domain investors, IT professionals, trademark lawyers and anyone interested in the domain name industry. is founded by - one of the largest Russian domain registrars.

The main priority of the Agency "Monitor" - providing professionals up to date, accurate and complete information on the status and trends of the market by continuously monitoring events.

Magazine «Personal data» - the first in the market of modern Russian mass media the official specialized edition completely devoted to a problematics of the personal data. The magazine will give the chance to experts to get acquainted the first with the information on measures and protection frames of the personal data both technical, and nontechnical character. Edition materials are devoted also to the questions, concerning innovations in the legislation on the personal data, to the basic problems existing in the field of processing, storage and protection of the information of the personal character, the taken place both preparing actions and seminars in this area.

www.privacy- - largest of information portal about events and IT world news in Russia. Every day thousands of people trusted us in selecting events to visit and interesting news to follow.